Friday, February 25, 2005

Encounters of the Bovine Kind

I step down the staircase, hurried in my time warp,
And behold in the stairwell, Her majesty,
Ruminating the secrets of the universe,
Looks up at me with eyes overflowing with kindness.

With not a inch of free space to pass,
I pole-vault my way over her towering presence,
And almost faint on top of her,
Her perfumed aura overwhelming my olfactory senses.

I somehow get out, into my car, and drive away,
Only to find in the middle of the road,
His majesty taking a stroll, absolutely nonchalant,
To the blaring horns and ruckus he's left behind.

As I screech to a halt, and crane my neck out of the window,
He turns his head back, to gaze upon his insolent subjects,
While some puny bikers slip by,
Just avoiding a trip and a fall over his tail.

When he reaches his breakfast patch,
He parts the flow with his divine horns, and moves aside,
I drive on, into the humdrum of my daily life,
Wondering, how sacrilegious is it, to be considered sacred?


  1. was in Orissa for a couple of years.. i think the bovine population there would have inspired you to pen extremely large and labored odes, in search of relief from the enraged and exhausted efforts of extricating the ever increasing hordes in front of your car...
    we never really WENT anywhere..

  2. i think i'd like to be a cow. GRAFX, wouldn't it be nice to be inside a cows head rather than ling dings head????cool first rain....u have given me cud to chew upon.....methinks, i'll choose to be a cow the next time.....*chews cuds**ruminates*....what do i say now..."moo"? *sigh* and i never wanted ur head first rain....*sigh* it's called transference, i think :-|

  3. "Transference" - a cow who knows psychology... thats a lot of cud to chew.

    *And now my head is feeling unwanted! Think it will start aching again...*

    Whatever... I'll just mount it back on my neck... and go back to my chaos.

  4. i love it. ABSOLUTELY love it!
    i also call ppl 'cow', if i'm angry, happy, kidding, anything. its my word.
    and ppl have begun gifting me ceramic cows and other cow-related stuff... sigh...