Friday, February 04, 2005

Strange meetings

I have had this thought buzzing in my head since morning. What is it
like to meet (as in for a coffee) a complete stranger? What does one
do, how does one act when confronted with the rendezvous?

When I meet a person known to me already I have an opinion about the
opinion the person has of me. Do I try to mould myself to conform or
force myself to deviate? How many people I really know with whom I am
myself? Do I actually know how to be myself? Now I am definitely
feeling befuddled and bemused ...

Any strangers volunteering to help alleviate my doubts?


  1. I met a fellow blogger that way.
    It was weird. Was kinda nervous, didn't know what to expect. She is an amazing person, and so intelligent, I kept hoping i wouldn't make a fool of myself!
    And there are so many little things; I didn't know how long it was gonna last, didn't know what to wear ( ok, that's probably a girl thing), didn't know what to say to a person who would have been a perfect stranger except that she knew me more thoroughly than my room mate, cos of the blog of course!
    its weird!

  2. Glad to see my doubts find a mirror in someone else too :-). Its strange though how blogs help us "know" certain people - what impressions do we form of fellow bloggers who we only read and do not meet in person - hmmm - perhaps a thought for another blog post. Meeting and confirming our hypotheses about one another would be quite interesting - what say u?

  3. one sad thing i've noticed is that if/when we do finally meet the people we've been in conversation with online (such as blogger buddies etc) they're really just human and boring. please don't kick me for that. it's just when someone is just an occasional online presence, for me, they are an experience, not a human entity. but if i do meet them for real, face-to-face so to speak, they are human. and have all the flaws that humans do.

    as it often turns out the mind you like and appreciate belongs to a body. short, tall, thin, fat, dark, fair, loud, quiet etc...just a body, like me nothing special. and it makes me sad.

    there are on average a dozen or so bloggers that i'm convinced i'm madly in love with. but i know for sure that if i meet them and talk to them for more than 2 minutes i'm going to want to strangle them.


  4. Hi Morq. Interesting thoughts - yes that may be true. The person of your dreams may not seem as enchanting in flesh and blood. But one never knows for sure, unless ...

  5. Well, the interesting this is that when you are meeting a stranger, you are yourself a stranger to that person. So, you are both in the same boat.

    I've met bloggers.. but I wouldn't consider them to be strangers because I've known lots of things about them before meeting them. For me, when I meet a stranger, it starts off with formalities, and it's all polite talk until you get to be more comfortable with who they are.