Thursday, February 24, 2005

Reasons for Being

Romantic reason : I love therefore I am
Philosophical reason : I think therefore I am
Culinary reason : I eat therefore I am
Artistic reason : I draw therefore I am
Nerdy reason : I program therefore I am
Sleepy reason : I dream therefore I am
Literary reason : I write therefore I am
Working reason : I animate therefore I am
Surfing reason : I blog - hop therefore I am
Prosaic reason : I exist therefore I am
Poetic reason : I am alive therefore I am
Narcissistic reason : I am therefore I am

What am I?

Err ... that is not a valid question.


  1. My first visit. Found your site by following the Next Blog link. Interesating posts (from Vivekananda to Godel).

    I'm in Northern California but familiar with New Delhi.

  2. Why do we need reasons for being? :)

  3. I YAM WOT I YAM..........and thats that

  4. dont fit in therefore i am*sigh*

  5. @Musafir : Glad you wandered into my blog. Welcome.

    @Khushee : Errr... That is not a valid question again. :)

    @Grafx : Defiant Reason

    @Rapunzel : A "Square Peg in a Round Hole" Reason

  6. I,errrr yea..I really don't errr maybe that's why...But then again...But yea sure why I AM!!!

    Let's see u get that!!!

  7. @Arvind : A "Confuse the Confounded Blogger" Reason.

    And thanks for dropping by and being you.

  8. lol...i thought youd say mine was a "defiant Tuber" reason..........but oh well..

  9. eeeks 'punzel.. he called you Square!! *runs away and hides*

  10. tsk tsk.first rain.u r the first rain therefore u are *blush* ggurl-is ok......when he sees me he'll take back his words and drool all over and we'll go buy those thick mangy towels from shekar emporium to wipe him off.tee hee!

  11. ohhhhhhh ...... ( laughing too hard cant comment)

  12. After all the trouble I went through, back to "square" one I'd say.

    A square is one of the most balanced, elegant and fundamental of shapes. Its a pity people do not recognize a compliment when they see one *Sigh*.

    It does not however, fit in a round hole.

  13. walks away slowly.. off into the sunset......sigh

  14. Thanx for droppin by and bein ME? U know me?
    *scratches head* errrr WOKAY!!!

  15. @Grafx: What are you cringing at, and but the "Lonely cowgirl walking off into the sunset" image sure looks... hmmm.... *I can't find the right word for it*

    @Arvind : I guess u'll be urself irrespective of whether I know you or not - so does that make a difference?

  16. Hmmmmm...when u put it that way...Yes!!!Me shall be the same!!

  17. :)

    Perhaps when the question ceases to be, (validity exists when the question exists), the answer shall be truly found?
    (Or something like that!)

    It's interesting, how we survive with multiple identities, all self-referring, and all associated with external 'States of Mind' and triggers.

    Hhmmpph. Shame on you. You got me thinking!

  18. I am likely to drive you mad with "thought" if the choice is only mine. Atleast I'd get someone to share my madness with. But I'd take that Shame on you... as a compliment and say Thank You!