Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One sun and one sea

The posts are raining in on me by the dozen. Though they are not serving any particular purpose, they are cropping up phenomenally fast.

What if I had never let you go,
Would you be the man I used to know,
If I'd stayed, if you'd tried,
If we could only turn back time,
But I guess we'll never know...

It rings true, doesn't it? Okay, okay... I'll crib about something else for a change. My time seems to be not of any value any more. The whole world is busy with something. While I? I am supposed to be whiling my time away, I suppose. Everybody is worried why I am not doing anything. How can I be content, being the semi-educated, unemployed, out-of-tune, tactless person I am right now? It's like this dry, itchy, lump stuck in everybody's throat! And here I am neck deep in work (read trouble over an about to be missed deadline) !

While I am at it I might as well crib about people who do not reply to my sms (or is it sms's?). The whole point of sending an sms is instant communication. I always reply, sooner or later. Then why doesn't everybody? They just eat up the messages! It causes me so much unnecessary distress.

Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahi, shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi,
Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi to nahi, zindagi nahi, zindagi nahi.

Achievement of the day was that I cleaned my bathroom. Got a bottle of sulphuric acid (Mum started screaming on the phone the minute I told her this... but its a good stain remover... really!), and cleaning fluid and brushes and cloth and old chappals. It took me the good part of an hour to do it but now it looks sparkling clean. Then I had a cold water bath! Rat-a-tat-a-tat.... my teeth are still chattering. Aaatchooo! Sniff!

I had bun and cheese for brunch today. Got another `nay' from a place I had applied to, for a job. Chatted with S, S and S. While S told me about his first day at the new job, and S told me about what I was or was not allowed to do in my condition, S was appalled by my brunch menu! In the meanwhile, I am beginning to get a delicious story idea. I'll let it simmer inside my head for sometime I guess.

Don't these look divine? One sun, one sea and yet they combine to give birth so many magnificent hues. Beautiful reminders of a life altering journey...

Sunrise at Pondicherry Beach
Sunrise at the Pondicherry Beach
Sunrise at Marina Beach, Chennai
Sunrise at the Marina Beach, Chennai

Aap ka gam jo is dil main din-raat agar hoga,
Soch ke ye dum ghut ta hai phir kaise guzar hoga,
Kaash na aati apni judai, maut hi aa jaati,
Koi bahane chain hamari rooh to paa jaati.

Ik pal hasna kabhi, dil ki lagi ne na diya,
Zeher bhi chaha agar, peena to peene na diya.


  1. guess what the content of the sms is i presume....

  2. Stunning photos! I also love to take photographs and to paint.
    I recently found Grafx's blog again . I remember reading yours too. (I used to have the blogname "Lady in R3D") but I deleted that blog several months ago. I love the rain. I'll catch up reading on your blog soon. :)

  3. oh wow so u'd com 2 our place,eh?took me long to make out y all such sad posts now i get it...i guess n hope 2 god 'tis jus a matter of time bfore u're back 2 normal...cheers,take care!

  4. i can't see the pics! :o( and i ALways wondered what "dil ki lagi" is. ( u know my hindi isn't the best!)

    and H2SO4 as a cleaning agent??? did you have any brushes and cloth left?!

  5. hey , long time since i read any blogs so here i come

    luved the first foto esp. since i have deep roots at Pondy n of course not to mention ur beautiful verses in hindi

  6. Those pics remind me of how beautiful life really is, despite all the things seem to go wrong.

    It's a shame I'm from the Motherland, and still need subtitles for Hindi songs, movies, poetry, etc.

  7. brilliant blog
    loved your searching across india posts
    may the beautiful words keep flowing

  8. @rapz: Yes sometimes it does... but sometimes it just warrants an acknowledgement... sometimes...

    @silvermoon: Pleasure to have you back! I have read all the comments you posted on all my older posts. Thank you! Keep visiting.

    @chipmunk: Thanks dude!

    @sonia: Yep! Ah used a loong plastic brush ... n its all left in one piece!
    I hope you saw the pics... they are really good.

    @swathi: Hey I was in your city recently... great place!

    @mermaid: I have realized this on my travels... one doesn't need to know Hindi to know India... one needs a heart. It's a beautiful language though... maybe you should learn. Thanks for the visit! Hope to see you here again.

    @desperado: Thanks for the words of appreciation. Welcome to da blog!

    @grafx: *Hugs* Keep your chin up... it's going to be wonderful!