Saturday, January 28, 2006

Silent screams

Innocent desires made mute,
Lost amongst wails of want,
Iron-clad reasons refute,
Claims of an idiot savant.

Unsaid truths hide in sight,
Cowering at any lambent touch,
Surrender preempts the token fight,
Preserving quiet intact, as such.

Manifest in the briefest pause,
Between breathless lines,
Entwined in passionate claws,
Serene, divine designs.

Broken flows quell a final roar,
Submerge in a quivering still,
Malady cannot any medicine cure,
Confined alone, weakened, free will.

After the touch and go ends,
The dust in the air settles in,
The silent wall, alive, mends,
Passive cold grows within.


  1. Oh, yes, I remember devouring your poetry. I enjoy writing poetry, too. Terrific word choices. I can hear those silent screams via the passion in your writing.

    I love the rhythm in this poem; it builds up these emotions so well.

  2. Oh, FR, now that I have had time to read more of your blog, I see the reason for this piece and why this is so full of heart- wrenching agony.