Sunday, January 01, 2006

I submit

Words. Words of wonder. Words of love. Words of prayer. Words that I never knew I had. Words I never knew I could say. Yet, I did say them. In poetry and in prose, weaved into crooked lines, giving form to my fumbling attempts at expression.

A year marks an end, and a beginning. Does it? As time flows by in gleeful laughter, mocking my mortal attempt to chart its path, I find my very existence anomalous.

It is bereft of any purpose. It is as if no colour in this universe can complete the painting I chose to draw. When the impossible of impossibles is taken away, what remains is not the possible, but just a void.

Belief in the pure and the innocent. How does it survive, when all I see is an illusion? Perhaps my sight has become weak. Or perhaps I do not posses the strength to bring the illusion to life. Today, I let go of all that which binds me to this illusion.

I submit.

Without question, nor with any haste,
Nor seeking calm amidst stormy seas,
Not jealous of another life,
Not wanting anything as mine,
Walking to the edge of the cliff,
And a step more of eternal faith.

Crying tears of the others joy,
Yet never the light shone so strong,
Neither fear nor hate remains,
No beginning, no middle, no end,
Giving it all, every breath, every drop,
I submit myself to love again.


  1. the wisest decision aquie.surrender....takes time, fights and a lot of, i beat my pillow.but trust and keep walking. *hugs* you'll see it turned out good after all.

  2. 'It is as if no colour in this universe can complete the painting I chose to draw.' - beautiful ...
    but y do i sense a tinge of unhappiness, common itz the New Year, Njoy

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  4. u submit? do u have a choice, i wonder! good luck!

  5. @rapz: Pillow beating. Hmmmm... sounds vaguely familiar! :D *hugs*

    @swathi: Yes, it is a new year... and it warrants a new beginning, no? So this is it. Happy New Year to you :o)

    @ed: Hi Ed and welcome. Will visit your blog soon.

    @sonia: Everybody has a choice, but I was waiting for something to happen before I moved on. Thank you for the luck though, I need lots of it.

  6. Hey your post... and...( insert proper emoticon)


  7. ok ok, now i'm waiting for something to happen. thaat something being you're next post! where art thou??

  8. Wishing you a very happy new year!

  9. hello mister first rain.whither art thou?