Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Play of Words

Act 1:
Words, pour down a parched throat, like cool lemonade,
Dancing, prancing, in a casual banter, refreshed,
Opening new alleys of thought and cheer,
In new found voices, galloping freely, enmeshed.

Act 2:
Words, smeared on lips, like chocolate syrup,
Rolling off a wet tongue, slowly in a lingering flow,
Rising up every porous sense,
An overflowing, overwhelming, enticing, slow.


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  2. that was a stupendous piece! luved the metaphor

  3. Fr - you truly blow me away... for once i dont have a smart ass answer!

  4. I really like you poetry. From that one staement you can tell I am not a poet. But I do feel inspired

  5. but its QUITE amusin how things are progressing on my blog... lol.. *hugs*

  6. Hmm the best 'play' i've ever seen! [applause]! You are extraordinary!

  7. @sonia: :) Don't eat too much!

    @swathi: Oh you are just too lavish with your praise :) luv you for that :D

    @grafx: Even I do not have an answer for that. *hugs* and Amusing! :O It required *so much* to continue with that!

    @chipper: Cool! Nice to have you on the blog. Keep visiting and stay inspired!

    @mirage: *Bows down* Thank You! Thank You! You are too kind :)

  8. WOW! Sensual, playful, and so full of promise. I've now read this a few times it's so intoxicating.