Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Absolutely Lost

I thought I knew all the ways which went,
Into my head and heart, every turn, every descent.

I thought I knew when to feel happy and when sad,
When manners were really good, and when they were just a fad,

I thought I could give answers and earnestly inquire,
When I felt too hot, just perspire.

I thought the lines on a beautiful face traced out art,
The best thing in the confectionery was a lemon tart.

I thought in a crowd I was free, and busy when left to myself,
While diamonds have to be mined, corals grow on a shelf.

I thought the moon was night's cohort, as the sun was for day,
It was okay to shiver in December, and get a heat stroke in May.

I thought that I could think a solitary thought at a time,
Dialogue was the overburdened cousin of the neglected mime.

I thought I could sleep, and dream the dream of an eternal quest,
Everything done needs to be done just a wee bit better than the best.

I thought I could live without the voice of any reasonable lust,
Accept every association without outrage or disgust.

I thought I alone should fill the world, and overflow still,
Be confidant absolute, and earn every form of trust and goodwill.

Instead I seem to be floundering in the dark, star-crossed,
Stranded midway between a life and a half, absolutely lost.


  1. ok if you got lost hunting for those darn coins i HAVE them baba!!

    *drags FR back into the light*.. HERE!! see?..

  2. oh my God that's beautiful!

    depressing, true, insightful, and so damn talented!

  3. Hey, u need a map?! :) You can borrow mine!

  4. @grafx: Oooohhh! You do? And here I was going crazy with worry. Okay, okay! Now that I see they are all here - you can have them :)

    @sonia: depressing and beautiful ... ah the words! :o)

    @mirage: Hmmm... a map from a mirage? I wonder! :P