Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Jaayenge kahan soojhta nahi,
Chal pade magar raasta nahi,
Kya talaash hai kuch pata nahi,
Bun rahen hai dil khwab dam-b-dam.

Don't go! It is not worth the risk,
Not worth the time gained by a walk so brisk,
Heed the head; for it will stay,
When the fickle of heart will run away.

Tum jo kehdo to aaj ki raat chaand doobega nahi,
Raat ko rok lo;
Raat ki baat hai, aur zindagi baki to nahi.

I cannot, nor can you,
Alter what lies in nature's plan,
Even when laden with all your callous elan.

Ham apni wafa pe na ilzaam lenge,
Tumhe dil diya hai, tumhe jaan bhi denge,
Jab ishq ka sauda kiya, phir kya ghabrana.

Fear. You fool! Be afraid!
Of every loving word thou ever said,
For you are going to lose it twice,
In a rigged game of loaded dice.

Wohi hai dagar, wohi hai safar,
Hai nahi, saath mere magar, ab mera humsafar,
Idhar udhar dhoonde nazar; wohi hai dagar,
Kahan gayi shaame mad bhari,
Woh mere, mere woh din gaye kidhar.

Everything is here, you and the world around,
Every lost you ever found,
Do not search in vain,
In arid deserts for a watery rain.

Dil behal to jaayega is khayal se,
Haal mil gaya tumhara apne haal se,
Raat ye karar ki bekarar hai,
Tumhara intezaar hai.

Surely you jest,
In this season of gaiety and fest,
Who has the time to brood,
Of that to which you allude.

Kal aur aayenge nagmon ki khilti kaliyan chun ne waale,
Mujh se behtar kehene waale, tumse behtar sun ne waale,
Kal koi mujhko yaad kare, kyun koi mujhko yaad kare,
Masroof zamana mere liye kyun waqt apna barbaad kare.

The world will stop and time will freeze,
For everybody has you to appease,
Nobody says it in tastier verse,
Have you ever been a better worse.

Dil ke mere paas ho itne, phir bhi ho kitni door,
Tum mujhse main dil se pareshaan; dono hain majboor,
Aise main kisko kaun manaaye...

Is this a boxing match?
Is there a prize fish to catch?
Who are you competing with,
Unreal people or a real myth?

Hum ne jo dekha tha, suna tha,
Kya bataen woh kya tha,
Sapna salona tha,
Khatm to hona tha. Hua.

Deaf and blind, deaf and blind,
Only one of your cursed kind,
There is no end, for it never began,
A race won by an also-ran.

Kahin to yeh dil kabhi mil nahi paate,
Kahin pe nikal aayen janmo ke naate,
Hai meethi uljhan, bairi apna man,
Apna hi hoke sahe dard paraye, dard paraye.

Today or eternity, never lost,
Until every life you exhaust,
In search of suffering more,
Believe still in yon lover's lore.

Disclaimer: All the Hindi verses in this post are not my compositions. They are all touching and beautiful songs. They are here because they say what I wanted to say with more heart than what I can ever infuse into words.


  1. they speak volumes ...and they are so touching...feel kinda wistful now

  2. @sonia: *hugs* :o)

    @grafx: sigh.

    @mirage: thanx!!!

  3. wow!song blogs r alwayz my favorites esp. when they r from old songs

    i cud almost get all the songs except for the 2, ??

    1. 'waqt ne kiya' from 'Kaagaz Ke Phool'

    2. 'tere bina zindagi se koi..' from Aandhi

    3. 'jo wada kiya woh nibhana...' from taj Mahal

    4. 'na jaane kyon' from choti si baat (one of my all time favorites)

    5. 'Tum Pukaar Lo' from Khamoshi

    6. 'mein pal do pal ka shaayar' from Kabhi Kabhi


    8. 'yeh kya hua' from Amar Prem


  4. @swathi - The songs you left out are:

    7. Din dhal jaaye from 'Guide'

    9. Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye from 'Aanand'

    :0) Sigh! Songs...

  5. gosh! tatz bad din dhal jaaye is one of my fav songs -oh! how cud I miss it