Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Listen, Talk! ; Talk, Listen?

"Why paint without colours?"
"Haven't you seen a painting of a single colour?"
"What is there to see in that?"
"See the waves of solitude washing over, mixing, to create a haloed form."
"It seems so devoid of life."
"Behold the chimera of the lifeless monochrome! It defies existence, and yet it exists."

"Why are you here, for whom, with whom?"
"If I knew the why I would be gone already. If I knew for whom I would be with the one, and then your third question would be irrelevant."
"Why one, and not many? What if there can be no one - always the many?"
"It does not matter - the one and the many converge beyond the infinity of reason's edge."
"Choose you must. You must choose one from the many. Without choice there is chaos."
"I choose each one from the many, one at a time, till I have chosen them all. The chaos lies in me. I choose to let the chaos stay."

"I want that. That is mine. Why is that not me?"
"It is not you because it is someone else. Want is the cause of misery. What you really want is to feel miserable."
"I will have what is mine. I will fight to get it."
"You shall perish."
"I do not care. I must have."
"What you have, you shall not want. What you want, you shall not have. Such is written the play in which you act your part."

"Talk to me."
"Go away."
"Heed my words, I beg you! Cry. The bedouin needs the oasis to quench his thirst."
"Laughter feels so good. It echoes inside. A desert of ice has no oases."
"Glass shatters on resonance. A tuning fork is made of steel."
"Glass can bend light. A tuning fork cannot."

"A trembling hand shall feel,
The cold of hard, bloody steel,
Piercing every vein and nerve,
Throbbing with a lifeless verve,
I cannot help but see the dark,
For the path of light is too stark,
Too far to find a touch of me,
Lie down and let it be."
"A steady hand shall hold,
Every blade wrought hot or cold,
From the cut of every sinew and skin,
Flowing blood of life shall win,
The battle cry of triumphant light,
Bent, dying, victorious over the dark might,
Shadows and whispers will fondle me,
Still lie inside and let it be."


  1. Is all of this causing too much noise within you?...

  2. Madness is overrated. It is not nearly as liberating!

    Oh .. did you ask something? I'm sorry I didn't hear you.

  3. so it must one of those days(when u've a tormented heart) but the best part is atleast u can vent it in the form of these wonderful words , some of these lines remind me of the initial dialogues in Segal's Love Story.

    n now coming to my fav. lines :

    Behold the chimera of the lifeless monochrome! It defies existence, and yet it exists."

    "Laughter feels so good. It echoes inside. A desert of ice has no oases."

  4. "I choose to let the chaos stay"

    We really do that, don't we? All of us! in some way or another.

  5. *starts to yell...I SAAAAAAIIDDD...* oh never mind

  6. @swathi: Words. Yes. Atleast I have words. I sometimes think I have one too many.

    @sonia: But why? Perhaps some questions are not meant to be asked.

    @grafx: Wha...! Come here...you...you! You have to remind me of what I was saying. Or were you saying something? Errr... can you repeat? :P

  7. Something like wht I'm feeling...

  8. @mirage: something like!

    @jithu: hmmmm... sort of.

  9. no fr, they're just not meant to be answered, not now anyway.

  10. *i SHAIIIDDD......*.. sigh oh never mind..