Saturday, August 20, 2005


Crowds, a market, incessant traffic,
Noise all around,
Yet, your voice comes through,
Without making a single sound.

Hands press to my ear,
Only a mobile phone, I know,
Yet, not from this earth I tread.
Are the images that my eyes show.

My languid skin breathes,
Air, thick with humid sweat,
My life says hello, to me,
An appetite does every laugh whet.

Speak of friends and growing up,
And walking down the road alone,
On the dark street, crying out loud,
A car's bright headlight shone.

Silent every now and then, wait,
For me to say, I speak,
Of things which prattle in my head,
Straight ahead, or twisted oblique.

Bells in the distance clang,
As you speak of prayers true,
The sidewalk ends on a mound of sand,
Tell me for sure, who are you?

Said and unsaid things remain,
Hanging in ether, left to dry,
Slowed time picks up life,
Happy faces begin to cry.

Friend, pal, and something more,
Impatient, impertinent, I, can't see,
Beyond what every word ever wanted to say,
Waiting for that call, eternally.


  1. it sure is the most excruciating wait; waiting for a call. I could rarely take it when it happened, and immersed myself in work

  2. you make me sad! make me remember things i don't want to remember! no offense, but i don't like you!
    and yet... in a way i do! why else would i keep coming back?

  3. Hey amazing poem man. Kinda reminded me of 'The Lake' by Jonathan Friedman, that I came across while reading 'Conversations with God'. It goes like this:

    "Because one night i stopped and stood,
    On valleys covered all in wood,
    And i looked to where the water lies
    Upon the Rising, Dawning cities.
    Awakened to the lake i saw,
    Filled with the ale of an unknown law,
    I gazed upon the water's edge,
    Before i walked the broken ledge,
    The sky is smooth and water clear,
    Reflecting eyes a treaure near,
    I flew on the whispering winds of fall...
    Waiting for that guiding call,
    Will it ever come, O lake that cries?
    At times we wonder where the spirit dies...
    And beyond the rushing waterfall,
    The time will come when the lake fills all."

  4. @rahul: All I can say is: I empathise.

    @sonia: That is the most honest "I don't like you" I have ever heard. Even if you do not, you are always welcome :)

    @mirage: Thank you dear, for those lovely words! I am glad that something I wrote reminded you of something beautiful.

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  6. I've said it b4 already na! But i'm still here na?

  7. @magnus: Hey Thanks!

    @sonia: Yes you have and yes you are :D

  8. sigh..its so hard to say what you want to.. and so hard to keep it inside...i dont think i shall ever learn the art of it all..

  9. @grafx: It is hard - saying things - I know
    (:O Are you laughing as you read this?)

    But even I cannot keep it inside for ever.

  10. really nice one man... in search for the eternity.. :-)