Saturday, July 09, 2005

Terminal Velocity

The air washes over my face,
As I fall down from the cliff,
Between life and death, a fatal race,
The competition is not all that stiff.

I had hoped to catch the hand you lent,
To jump over to the other side,
Thinking so I thus far went,
Walking over thin air to cross the wide.

Betrayed by the missing hand,
Something broke when you let go of me,
Waiting now for the inevitable land,
Approaching too fast for me to see.

My heart or head, which went first,
I can barely think at such a speed,
Would it have been better to die of thirst,
At least my dreams would have lived, indeed.

In that last second between heaven and earth,
If time promised to be still if I did not move,
And you lent me a hand with lack of any apparent mirth,
I'd still attempt another catch, maybe chances with trial improve.


  1. that's so sad! and true. and that's why you shouldn't trust fr,that's why!

  2. next time... count on a rock... even if seems lifeless...

  3. *runs in and hugs FR*... im back FR!! im BACk!!...

    *holds arms out*.. wont let you fall..

  4. Nice...reminds me of the video of that song, bring me to life by evernescence...

  5. Friendly voices on the phone
    Conceal hearts carved of stone
    A fevered soul mirrored in swollen eyes
    Authentic woes outdo superficial highs.

    Hey, be gentle - I tried!

  6. @sonia: Ah! But you miss the irony of it all. Read the last stanza again. I want to trust.

    @pixel8: Hee hee! Good advice.

    @Grafx: Welcom bak! *Hugs* Say I am kinda heavy... u sure u can pull me up? ;)

    @Mirage: Thanks, though I haven't heard that one.

    @cactus: Hey cool! Very flattered to find pomes in mah comment box :)

  7. i read it! and i got it the first time too. but u haven't actually been through the situation have u?
    tell me the same thing after (God forbid) u've been thru it!

  8. @sonia: Ah... but those words are not mere words of fancy. They came from someplace real enough. Still I do hope I can find the strength to tell you the same thing whenever I meet you.