Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chappal etiquette

My roomie and me have opposing notions of chappal (i.e. Hindi for slippers) etiquette. He prances around the house bare feet and wears his pair of worn out chappals when he goes for a bath. I tend to care for my tender feet more when I am on dry land, and dare to go naked when going in for a bath. And no, we do not have a concept of exclusive bathroom slippers!

See my horizons expanding already?


  1. i used to wear em all the time at the hostels and PGs i've stayed in. and now its a habit. i wear them around the house too.

  2. i wear them all the time too.. cant have cracked feet now can i!!

  3. Cant do without mine! Except that I love to walk barefeet on the grass!

  4. ur roomie's weird. plus chappals are the last thing you should wear in the bathroom, you could slip and break ur neck. tell him i said so :D

  5. chappal etiqutte indeed , i alwayz wear them everywhere (in or out of the bathroom)
    -the other etiqutte of footwear is whether it is alright to ask guests to remove their footwear before coming into the house (i've heard ppl say that itz a very south indianish thingummy, wonder!)

  6. Okies! All the all-the-time chappal wearing people: point taken, considered and I am still wearing them only out of the bath - because othewise I have to go about in wet chappals all over the house - which I have to clean - helloooo!

    @CJ - Thank you for that idea! Now I can bully my roomie into submission ;) If I need help I'll give you a call :D

    @Swathi: Removing footwear before coming into the house is a good idea - especially if you have to keep the place clean yourself!