Friday, April 15, 2005


I am the last preference of everybody around,
Piercing silence in a medley of sound,

A black sheep in a heard of woolly white,
Everything I do is wrong, anything I don't, is right,

Wallowing in tubs of my piteous self,
Why, my existence is worse than Dobby, the house elf,

Bored to death of a bleached out day,
Searching for sense seems like that needle in the hay,

Suffering the ignorant arrogance of suffocating pomp,
Balancing withering wisdom against a teenage romp,

My speech has dropped to monosyllables, idiotic and terse,
All I do now is write lines of nonsense verse.


  1. Its amazing how clearly you seemed to have tapped into exactly what is bothering the majority of us these days. Thanks !

  2. don't worry. somebody will throw you a sock one of these days! ;o)

  3. i dont know what to say.... i feel like this all the time...
    *walks away sadly*

  4. Come on, it can't be all that bad! Is it?

  5. @Vigs: This is not a good state to be in. But still it feels good to know I am not going crazy all alone :). You are welcome.

    @Rapz: Summarized it in one word, eh? And to think I wasted so many lines on it.

    @Sanjana: Bless that somebody! Maybe I need a Hermione starting a SPEW for ppl like me :o).

    @Grafx: Aww... don't feel sad. This kinda thing doesn't last long. Atleast I hope it doesn't.

    @Khushee: It is feels every bit as bad as it sounds. But I don't feel like that all the time. Only every now and then... :)