Monday, April 18, 2005

I seek you

In the morning dew on mango leaves, I seek you,
In moonlit sands walked on velvety eves, I seek you,

In the youth of a spring bloom, I seek you,
In the lashing rains of a monsoon, I seek you,

In the divine beauty of natural perfection, I seek you,
In a city riddled with sloppy construction, I seek you,

In a haute boutique, in the corner sweet shop, I seek you,
In a Mozart fugue, in the blues and hip-hop, I seek you,

In Guernica's battle raging in Frida's smile, I seek you,
In an ancient Indus meeting a desert Nile, I seek you,

In Bridget's diary, in the next Cosmo quiz, I seek you,
In a dollop of Tiramisu, in the latest diet fizz, I seek you,

In Apu outrunning a running train, I seek you,
In Subhash fighting bondage of an oppressive reign, I seek you,

In the rejection of a dinner date, I seek you,
In Meera's quest for her eternal mate, I seek you,

In the elusive top of a bottom quark, I seek you,
In the immortal I of Howard Roark, I seek you,

In the winning four of the one day match, I seek you,
In the smoking struggle of a nicotine patch, I seek you,

In the satiated hunger of war ravaged children, I seek you,
In the unwavering faith of praying men, I seek you,

In the shaking earth evoking fearless courage, I seek you,
In the countless unknown paying homage, I seek you,

In the caged wild, and the disappearing royal, I seek you,
In the shame of cheating, and pride of the loyal, I seek you,

In the revolution for future peace, I seek you,
In the rented heart with a lifetime lease, I seek you,

In the tired rush to work day after day, I seek you,
In the female child having her say, I seek you,

In the endless strife for an equal existence, I seek you,
In flowing blood meeting a calm resistance, I seek you,

In a flickering light-bulb occupying a village hut, I seek you,
In the solitary opening door, for the ten that shut, I seek you,

In the rhythmic trance of disco lights, I seek you,
In the hormonal angst of teenage frights, I seek you,

In the experience of the restless old, I seek you,
In the brash erotica of the brazen bold, I seek you,

In utter confusion of impossible possibles, I seek you,
In mute silence of exponential decibels, I seek you,

In shattered ceilings and transgressed thresholds, I seek you,
In quenched thirsts and satin enriched silken folds, I seek you.

In poetic justice for political vanity, I seek you,
In the maddening agitation against prevalent sanity, I seek you,

In a new born child's first unrestrained cry, I seek you,
In a dying man's last stifled sigh, I seek you,

In the ending of a life-long walk, I seek you,
In the risky beckons of opportunity's knock, I seek you,

In the mirror, us, from thou to thee, I seek you,
In my head, my heart, my every breath, in me, I seek you.


  1. sigh.....this is so is everything i dream of.....and everything that you spoke of is my yearnng as well... why is everything so hard to find... why are people so hard to find.....and why are some of us left standing in the rain and passed by...

    it hurts so much sometimes... and im so lost.. i dont know what to i find myself first and then someone else?... or do i find myself in that person?..

  2. seek and you shall...find??


  3. i am seeking ...and seeking and finding ANYTHING

  4. @Grafx : People ARE hard to find. All the people you are looking for and interested in are very hard to find. And rain is not such a bad thing! And as for all those questions: I am just as clueless.

    For searching, and not finding anything, I think one is not meant to find anything actually. One is just expected to find a co-seeker in the seeking process :o) .

    @Rapz: Goddess Rapz was that a prophecy of somekind? :D

  5. yeah... that makes sense i guess... so then do i look for people who are clueless!?.. a LOT OF THEM AROUND EH!!! hahhahhhahhaha
    *scampers away*

  6. @Grafx: You don't really have to look for ppl who are clueless... they have this unexplained tendency to bump into each other, of their own accord :D.

  7. Hi First rain,
    jus landed up on ur blog thro' vignesh
    u write well ...
    njoyed reading ur poems

  8. @Swathi: Welcome. and Thank You!

    @Grafx: Yes I am very much online.


  10. @rapz: I am more-than-a-little scared of little you... promise you wouldn't bite my head off if I came out to play.

  11. FR, me is no leetle engleesh.what you meaning by that very strange last comment on my space??


  12. @rapz: duh? Am I being that difficult? That is precisely what I wanted to say: That a thing can seem like something to the person who writes about it, and something completely else to another person who reads it (this is for the `broom' set of comments and whatever you derived from them)... and those italicized words were quoting Pooh Bear from Winnie the Pooh !

    And after that, the `Thank You' was just a ....errr.... `Thank you'. And I could not think of anything else to say after that... so there!