Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Past Five Days

After a five hour train journey,
And a chicken and noodles dinner,
Me and friend landed at a beautiful hostel,
Greeted with the sight of boys playing cricket, at 2am, on a floodlit field.

Single rooms - a luxury?
A 3am grilled sandwich later, we hit the sack,
Friend was abducted by mosquitoes later that night,
Hence no trouble in waking up next morning.

Three stuffed pancakes for breakfast,
Fueled us up enough,
To brave the trek to the seminar site,
Where we met other fellow aliens.

Talks, tea-break, talks, lunch, friends's talk, my talk,
And another tea break,
Brought us a lot of pats-on-the-back and two job offers,
The evening finale was a grand dinner.

A walk back to the hostel at 12am,
Friend, me and fellow aliens decided to witness,
The cricket for a good two hours, before,
A discussion on the problems facing the country lulled us to sleep.

Friend had acquired adequate protection, against the anopheles,
So he required a loud beating on his door, the next morn,
Next day a best talk prize, pumped enough caffeine in the bloodstream,
To stay up till 3:45am, and catch a taxi to the station.

Half past four, me, friend and the solitary cow on the platform,
Somebody forgot to wake up the poor train,
Another five hours, after the initial two,
Saw us back at home.

End of worries? I wish!
Another day, another presentation,
A five star hotel this time, in place of a hostel,
With cricket playing boys replaced by corporate zombies.

Lots and lots of food, and a concert,
And a grand meeting with the Head of the State,
Friend got invited to the palace,
Which instantly put his upset stomach in good spirits.

Evening, eleven, I come back, to find waiting in my inbox,
A mail announcing rejection,
My creation of blood and sweat disappeared in a puff of smoke,
I almost crashed the car on my drive back home.

Sad, and sleepy, next day morning passed in a blur,
I am left standing, I wonder how?
After five days of illogical existence,
Everything seems frozen in a precarious balance.

I am still alive,
The world doesn't seem to mind my existence,
The world is still alive, and I do not mind that much either,
And I am alive? Amazing!


  1. Hi First Rain,
    My heart felt such a heavy weight, reading about your deep disappointment after your trip.
    Although you're new to me on the net, that first night I read most of your blog, so impressed and exhiliriated was I by it's intellectual, creative, and human content.
    I am positive that job offers to your liking will be forthcoming.
    In the meantime, I wish it was easier to wait. Sigh.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Hope you'll return.
    Lady in R3D ~~8^)

  2. i mind your existence.there are plenty more that do.

    rejection has no human way of being described...i have learnt that the world does not see things the way i do... so think of it in this way... Man has contructed rules on what is passable and what is not...and that is an extremely flawed method...so if you are being judged by a flawed system... that is a compliment in itself...that judgment is beneath you...

    am glad you did manage to drive home safe.

    the world is also alive because of individuals like you..which means this is a very gingerly balanced world...so do not exist..instead know that you are vitally needed.

    lastly... *hugs*

  3. sympathies! but you're a survivor! chin up!

  4. @r3d: I did not realize is sounded so disappointing till I read your comment. Then I read it again and I guess it did. And I was kinda feeling dejected at that time but that has passed. Though the rejection thing was not for a job offer, but it felt *like a rejection usually does* at that time. The only choice is to fight it out, and wait for better times. And your views about my blog are most flattering to say the least. Made me feel really good. And I'll pay you a visit sometime soon :)

  5. @grafx: So true - rejection has no way of being described, yet it has this uncanny habit of popping up every now and then. I am glad too that I managed to survive that day. I sometimes act like an complete idiot.

    And thank you for those very warm words. Feeling needed and liked is almost as good as having a huge bar of milk chocolate :)

    *A carton full of hugs*

  6. @sanjana: Yep... chinned up I have! And thanks for the vote of confidence.