Friday, April 22, 2005

Questions, anyone?

What more do I have to do, to get your attention?
Why are you making my life a colloidal suspension?

Have you read what I have been writing?
How, after that, can you remain uninviting?

Am I out of phase? Well! Don't opposites attract?
Are you just being cruel, or is it my lack of tact?

Ever written a mushy song between a suspension bridge design?
Or tried to think in rhyme while working an assembly line?

A 'hi' is all I want. Is that too much to ask?
Or is acknowledging my existence such a disagreeable task?

A buzz on a messenger window perhaps? Or did I make the ignore list?
Are you playing hard to get, or has my understanding of you hit a limiting Nyquist?

Who am I asking all these questions to?
I have no idea, just a distinct sense of déjà vu.


  1. hi.. just dropped in to say Hi and then saw the COINKIDINK and so i thot id say hi if you already havent gotten
    ok now i shall shutup

  2. sigh ok this is so wierd....

    ever had one of those days and moments when you suddenely feel so alone.. and helpless... and dont know where or which way to turn.... its so depressing... what does one do?..
    it just seems that things are so..... un worth it sometimes....

    i dont know anymore..

  3. COINKIDINK: he hee hee :) That had me `searching' for some time! May god bless google. Hi.

    Oh and I have had lots of `those' days and moments. This post resulted from one of those alone (and bitter) moments. I usually go and bug someone to insanity... when I feel deperately alone :D If you cannot find anyone close by, you can always bug me! And as you said earlier.. NO sighing! Cheer up *bugs* Oh...err..I meant *hugs*.

  4. lol.. and i dont think your on anyone's ignore list here!!!

  5. I do believe this is the first time, ANYONE has ever invoked Harry Nyquist in the name of poetry and gotten away with it.

    Here's to writing and hoping they understand ;)

  6. @grafx: That is comforting to know :)

    @vigs: I was hoping somebody would say something about that!

    Raising my toast to yours.. Cheers! ;)