Thursday, April 07, 2005

Ice Maiden

From a block of water, frozen,
Many a precise, violent chisel stroke,
Choose carefully your sinuous curves,
Every niche glittered with the beauty it evoke.

Preempted of colour by your elemental form,
You shine brilliant, in reflection,
Borrowing every shred of light around,
A divine aura envelops you to perfection.

Hypnotized by those sparkling eyes,
Senses leave my being, to service your smallest bid,
The creator bows to the lover's quest,
Enraptured to forget the act of breath, if you so forbid.

Hands in want of a sweet caress,
Touch, to feel your silken fold,
And as shivers prick a yearning heart,
All I sense is a damning cold.

Betrayed by the frigid kiss,
I stand in awe of your glacial essence,
In the fading darkness of a cursed night,
Yet my wailing heart I cannot fence.

As the day mounts in a blur of heat,
I awake from my enchanted trance,
To find myself, awash in receding pools of ice, molten,
Serving reminders of a doomed romance.


  1. sigh...thats what happens with me...wonder why i dont listen to my gut instincts first off.
    i try to hold on with every bit of strengtht i have..but it has always melted so far..

    *walks away sadly*

  2. Sigh! I know, I know ... but don't be sad.

    Here's to a more `solid' next relationship.