Thursday, March 17, 2005


Sulagti zameen par moam ki moorat, Tum.

Ghutan ki raaton main hawa ka jhonka, Tum.

Sookhe hoton par bheegi mitti ki khusboo, Tum.

Ret ki aandhi main meri aankhon ki palken, Tum.

Patjhad ki rahon par patton ki rangat, Tum.

Saagar ki leheron main sahare ka tinka, Tum.

Akeli sharmati parchai ki sangini, Tum.

Jagti ghabrayi neendon ka sapna, Tum.

Dhund ki subah main ugta suraj, Tum.

Sard tanhayee main makhmali odhni, Tum.

Safed kagaz par shayari ki likhayi, Tum.

Dard ke sharbat mai khuskhus ki thandak, Tum.

Behti nadiyon main chamakti dhoop, Tum.

Oonche parbat par umadta badal, Tum.

Mere sanson ke chalne ki manzil, Tum.

Mujhme mai ka aadhaar, Tum.



  1. ok.. i am floundering.. where did my highschool hindi go!! waaaaa i can only understand some of this!! but it makes me feel abit bittersweet...kinda like longing..
    *splashes around in her sea*

  2. @Khushee: Thanks

    @Grafx: Hmmm. I thought that hindi might be troublesome to a few people. But I thought of this in hindi, so it had to be written that way.

  3. actually am to be blamed for not remembering.. ami bangali mei tho..
    but anyways.. forgotten all my 6 indian languages that i had so crefully learned.. will print this out and make one of my friends explain it to me.. *walks of purposefully*

  4. @Grafx: If you want to blame yourself for it... I can't stop that... though I'd rather you did not. But I suspect your `aami bangali mei to' has nothing to do with your forgetting hindi. But forgetting 6 languages? That's a lot of languages... how come you picked up so many?

  5. vell.. i come from this nomadic family who cannot refrain from picking up their beds and waling every 2 years no matter WHERE they are.. so therefore i had to learn quite a few languages..
    and if i dont speak one for a while then i tend to fall over everytime..funnily enough i havent forgotten my bengali

  6. Hmmm... its good that you are familiar with so many... I feel a language once learnt, never really leaves you completely. Anyway if I ever get around to finishing a bangla poem I am now sure I'd find a reader atleast :)

  7. Hindi a bit rusty here.. but I get the idea. And is good !!!

  8. Tum kaon ho?
    (A bit pointless to ask Tum kahan ho?)

  9. @Neha: Qualify the `Tum' you asked the question to. Is it the `Tum' in the post, or is it me? *Sigh! Vanity!*

  10. oooh~~ i got it transamalated!... its really beautiful.. beauty exists!!

  11. If it needs qualification, it no longer is a question.

  12. Thanks for going into all that trouble just to understand this. And knowing that you find it beautiful just makes my day! :)

  13. Lovely lovely lovely!! reeeally good! (the bit that i could understand that is! ) my hindi is not too swift! I'll try and get The Boytfriend to translate

  14. @sanjana: Thank You! Its nice to have you back on the blog after so long.

  15. oh the sad thing is that most ppl who have read this seem to not know much Hindi but still they appreciated.
    then imagine my state i understood every word of it n stood transfixed!
    lovely n romantic wud b an understatement

  16. @swathi: oh thank you! thank you v much indeed. i am glad that you found it good. i've written in hindi after quite a few years... thought i might've been a bit rusty... so i need all the encouragement i can get :o)