Wednesday, March 16, 2005


`Let me out!'
Rage's eyes, blood red, with many a tear,
Shackled in chains of Calm,
Behind her, helpless, in the dark corner, lay Fear.

`Liberty is our right too!'
Hate screamed, voice hoarse from repeated appeal,
Rods of Laughter at the prison gates,
Glistened, hard, like fine tempered steel.

`You all will die a horrible death!'
Demented with pain, Revenge avowed,
Love stood on guard outside the cell,
While the cacophonous voices echoed.

`All of you... Hypocrites! Show mercy, please.'
A tiny whimpering child, Avarice,
Courage stiffened the walls again,
Immune to the sirenical cries.

`We will be freed by master Death! Then...'
Rasped Anguish, with malice rife,
The envelop of Delight, cringed,
Relieved that for now atleast, the master was Life.


  1. ok that gave me a LOT of courage..
    to keep all those pandora boxies in that cell .
    throw away the key i say.. now!!before its too late!

  2. Courage ?!!? That scared the crap outta me !!

  3. ohhhhhh thenthat was YOUUUUU lying helpless in the corner?
    *ok i dont know why im so happy today*

  4. Hi, I came here from the link on grafxgurl's site. Powerful poem. I read it through a few times. IT is even stronger read outloud.

    (I don't know if you subscribe to the view that poetry is best read outloud and listened to with the eyes shut?) that is obviously near impossible for me to do, since I'm not at a reading of yours, nor do I have this memorized, but i did try with a few lines.

    I noticed the capitalization of certain nouns. Strong imagery, good word choice. Fine writing! I write poetry sometimes, too...
    Lady in R3D ~~8^)

  5. @R3D: Thank you! Thank You! and Thank you!

    And you tried to memorize a few lines...OMG :o
    Don't say such things - makes me feel really really important or something :)

    Will drop by your blog soon.