Friday, March 11, 2005

Guilty as accused

While the princess talks of agnostic love,
And the muse searches for her inspiration,
I contemplate what pizza toppings,
must be added, from inside and above.

And I am cogitating?

Tresses soaked in lacteous honey,
And life doubting it's own origin,
I can think of nothing but getting wet in the rain,
That too on a radiant day - ain't it funny?

And I am indulgent?

The sad child has lost her vengeance again,
A million wrongs cannot do one puny right,
I just wanted to iron out the wrinkles on my pants,
So that the creases do not leave a nonwashable stain.

And I am unjust?

Left, leaving, long gone, back to home,
Rather be her, than be him, poor man,
I only wrote of two elope with twain,
The answer: four; on all roads to Rome.

And I am illogical?

An aubade to endless sleep,
Fighting conversion with a literate rage,
I instead dreamed of my perfect date,
I danced, sang and counted sheep.

And I am ironic?

Pity the crazy soul, who needs reasons to be,
Ever tried a kiss with a pungent flavour?
I put a tape on every bruise I got,
The gum will join 'em up - you'll see.

And I am faithless?


  1. Nice dude... I might be stealing a few lines from this later... with suitable link love of course... a similar post on my mind. No poetry though ;)

    In the meanwhile, you might like to read this : Does Gödel Matter?

  2. Thanks Vigs! I read the article. It's very easy to go overboard with Gödel's theorem, and assume it means all sorts of things. In more formal circles of logic or number theory, though, it still remains a beautiful and fascinating result. But I liked the phrase `The romantic's favourite mathematician.'

  3. this is beautiful..
    no your not faithless..
    you need loads of love dumped on you in bucketfullses...
    and loads of chocolates from my factory and lots of chocolate mousse cake..what say Rap? sweet low!! sweet chaaaaaaaariot!!!

  4. Thank Ye! Thank Ye! And I just luv the idea of chocolates getting dumped on me.
    Imagine... Yummy Me! :)

  5. I am trying hard not to respond to 'eeeks!!'

  6. You write in a unique way. I adore the succinct philosophical questions you pose after each verse.

    Wish I did not need sleep. Your blog is very interesting, but that doesn't surprise me. I hvae a strong feeling all of Grafxgurl's friends' blogs will be mind-stretching.
    Lady in R3D ~~8^)

  7. @R3D: Welcome to the blog. Feels good to know that you like my writing.

    @Grafx: Ahem! I guess I have to thank you for your `good taste.' :)