Monday, March 07, 2005

Me, Myself and Mac

Ah! Finally... My order. The Maharaja Mac always makes me wait more than other run of the mill burgers. A combination of two grilled chicken patties with a smoke-flavoured mayonnaise, fresh onions, tomatoes, processed cheddar cheese in a toasted sesame seeded bun - mmmm... heaven in the palm of my hand. I took the tray from the hands of the girl at the counter. `Thank you.' `You are welcome. Have nice meal.' I went back and snuggled into the solitary table at the corner. After rummaging through my bag for some time, I located the novel I was reading. Swami and Friends, by R. K. Narayan. I've read it a hundred times. It just wants to be read a hundred times more. So I opened the book. `Where was I now? Mmmm... Lets see.. Swami was solving that sum about mangoes.' And as the faint smile stole its way in, on the left corner of my lips, I noticed a group of three teenage girls munching away at the nearby table break into a fresh peal of laughter. `Ahem! Not at me. Must be some silly joke of their own.' I wonder if my lips move when I speak with myself. I went back to the book, and not taking my eyes of the book, I groped at the burger. I had just barely caressed the soft bun with tender hands, when:

What do you think you are doing?

I looked up. I don't see anyone. Who said that?

It is me... Look down mister. What do you think you are doing?

I looked down, and staring me in the face was a very indignant looking burger.

Who... are you? What are you? I mean... have I gone crazy?
Where are your manners boy? Hmmph! Boys these days. No good at all.

I looked around. `No one seems to be bothered by this.' I looked back at `Mac.'

Me: Are you angry?
Mac: I say! Its about time you got that.

Me: But... why?
Mac: Why do you think? Where was your attention? I am not to be trifled with.

Me: But I was not... I was only reading the book.
Mac: Then why eat? Do you read while caressing your girlfriend?

Me: I do not...

Mac: I knew it. Food... Boy... your most trusted lady. And you treat me like a second hand tramp.

Me: I meant to say I do not have a girlfriend.
Mac: Now why am I not surprised.

Me: Sheesh! What is you problem? Just let me have a bite. I am starving.
Mac: Me? Have a problem? You don't even know who you are.

Me: You sound like my blog entries now. Did someone plant you here to drive me crazy? Go away, please, the way you were before.
Mac: Clueless! Absolutely clueless! And to think you write poetry sometimes.

Me: What's wrong with my poetry? Anyway why do you care?
Mac: Oh I care. I power your useless brain. I have to care. The kind you pointless, wishy-washy stuff you write... eeeyuck! I'd vomit myself, except that I do not eat.

Me: But people seem to like it. What do you know?
Mac: Which people, pray, are those? Listen to me boy... how many thoughts in your head have you penned down till date.

Me: Not many.
Mac: Why?

Me: It's... it's just that I do not know what to write. The words do not appear before my eyes. My original idea keeps on running away.
Mac: You do not pay enough attention. Big brother gave you such a nice world to live in. What a waste. You do notice half of it. Why, that kid Swami is better than you are.

Me: It will come to me someday... I have faith...
Mac: Hee hee hee... ho hoo ho!

Ever seen a burger roll over with laughter. It was really funny, except when the mayonnaise got splashed all over my shirt. Suddenly:

Mac: Do not throw that word at me. You do not even know what it means.
Me: I do.

Mac: Nah! You are just using it because of the same reason that most people do these days. It is just the ``in'' thing to say. You ignorant brat. Go wallow in your own self pity. You'll not get any compassion from me. If you know... tell me... What does it mean?
Me: It means I believe.

Mac: In what?
Me: in... in... myself?

Mac: Is that a question or is that an answer?
Me: I am just hungry now.

Mac: Do not change the subject.
Me: Ok! So I do not know. Now what!

I could see the lettuce fall out of Mac... while he was snickering at me. The red tomatoes looked mockingly delicious.

Mac: Big brother is worried about you. He knows.
Me: I do not have clue about what you are talking about.

Mac: Learn. You still have a lot to learn. But there is hope for you yet. You are not afraid to learn as such. You are only afraid of what you might learn in the process.
Me: It is not a pleasant thought you know. Being left alone. That is why I lose myself in books.

Mac: You should try to find yourself. Not in books. Well a little bit perhaps. But find more of you in the world around you. And then you will not be scared.
Me: What if I get lost?

Mac: You can always find me. I am food for your thoughts. So you will always find your thoughts. They will guide you. Prevent you from losing your way. Believe in that. That is where you need to have faith.
Me: Oh.. but...

Mac: No more buts. Now close your eyes. And follow your heart.

I closed my eyes. And I saw a sign form out of the reddest ketchup there ever will be. It said, ``E A T.'' The smile was still there on the left corner of my lips. I could hear the three girls laughing.

And as I picked up Mac for a bite, my tongue frolicking among the succulent fillings...

`Why do you think father gave me this sum? Are the mangoes ripe? He did not tell me that. I am sure the answer is hidden somewhere in the ripeness of the mangoes. Ooooh! I hate the unitary method. Don't you too?'

And I saw Swami make the most angry and flummoxed expression he could muster on his innocent face. `First talking burgers. Now talking books?' I looked around. No one seemed to be bothered by this.


  1. OH MY GOSH!! This is so like me..!! we graphic designers.. well just me and the horde that i associate myself with.. have imaginary conversations with inanimate objects all the time.. ( not aloud mind you..)and as a result our over active imaginations get the better of us and then we very self consciously tell our conversation" partners" to stay away at the very end or risk us being taken away to the loony bin..... i KNOW this!!! THIS is who i am!!..the complete madness of a person who listens to everything and everyone around her who/that has something to say!! ok i know i dont make any sense at all.. at all!!but. burgers talkin .. me sitting by myself on a bus and suddenly grinning to myself thinking of a particular funny incident ( while people look at me like im mad), me looking into my coffee cup and thinking that the steam is talking to me...( god im SO glad you dont know me.. lol im revealing my innermost eccentricites out on this!!).. THIS!! is just it!! i read thru the entire post and it hit me in the face coz.. THIS is exactly how my mind ROFLMAO..
    god the scariness of the coincidence now tells me im not alone..!! you ROCK!!

  2. I have to say, that was well done, even if you were talking to a burger! ;)

  3. hey!u turned 26!!!happy belated budday boy chile!

  4. and since i noticed that this is abt food, i shall NOT read it :-|not for the next 3 days :-|

  5. @Grafx: I was readin your comment n listenin to Ronan Keating sing `I hope you dance' After having read your comment, I just got up and danced a little bit. Though a thank you doesn't quite say it, still it'll have to do: Thank you!

    @Khushee: Glad you liked it.

    @Rap: OMG and I thought nobody would notice! Thank you gurl.
    And what's all this about not reading mah post for three days? Not dieting, are u?

  6. oh this is so common talking to objects! :D Do you know that shamanic indians still do it nowadays?? Its just a great thing, not loony.

    Cheers to the woman. :D

  7. :)
    I would have bet you were a chick. A chick with a weird fascination for modern physics :)
    Maybe its all that poerty and stuff. Stereotypes.

  8. @Tyler: Thanks for seeing any greatness in any of the things I do. Welcome to the blog.

    @Penny: :)) Now what am I? A dude with a weird fascination for poetry?

  9. *looks strange*.... hmm you have alife.. you havea life!!
    aarghh!! wheres your next post!!

  10. Its on paper still... the moment I get to sit in front of the comp. for longer than 10 minutes I'll type it down. Been running around all day.