Friday, March 04, 2005

One hour

8am. Today morning.

I look out of the window to find that the sky has turned an ashen gray. `Ah! It is going to rain,' I think. As I am in the shower practicing my best Kishore staccato, I hear the sound of water pouring from the heavens. I wonder, `why the heavenly showers make a different sound than my bathroom one?' As I get dressed and ready to leave for college, the rain pours steady, making a quiet humming noise running through strands of air.

I have to drop dad at the nearby dispensary. He has an appointment with the medical specialist. I check out the rain again. `Wonder if I was the earth and the rain was my fiancee, how would I feel when it fell on me? But why be affianced to someone ephemeral.' I look down, `How wet is the car? Oh I hope the rain stops - the wipers are not working.'

By the time I go down, the rain is no longer falling. `Falling? Why does the rain fall? I mean why fall? Why not float down? Or just appear maybe?' I take out the rag lying at the back of the car to dry the windshield and as I am looking around everywhere except towards the wet windows of my car I see a man walking with an open umbrella. `Surely it is not raining... does he not realize that... should I tell him? Maybe it is still raining wherever he is now.' Dad comes down in the meantime, and I start the car up.

The window is half open, the tar on the road is wet and the sound of blaring horns is trying to scare the wetness out of the air. `Why does the wet road look softer? Will it hurt less if I fall on a wet road?' Red lights, green lights, bullying busses, the ominous police van behind me, unsteady auto-rickshaws and puddles of water. The small child who begs at the traffic crossing, sporting a wide grin hops in front of my car. `She seems happy today.' I drop dad at the dispensary, and the moment he steps out `... Jaane woh kaise log the jinke, pyar ko pyar mila...' `Hemant Kumar. Why this song? I am feeling happy I guess. Is this song happy? I'll ask it the next time I meet it.'

Main gate of the college. `The roads have dried up so soon. Oh.. no!' I park the car. `The sun is out.' I see a streak of sunlight kissing wet muddy cheeks. `Or maybe he is angry with her. He thinks she has been cheating? Why didn't she run away with the rain?'

I walk towards my room. I step into the concrete corridor. Bricks, wires, people, computers, lectures. `I am late for my meeting with the professor.'

`Bye and welcome. Till next time.'

Today morning. 9am.


  1. *nods understandingly* yes, you are right...quite right.

    oh and btw, i'd like to have a little less than nothing cos then maybe i'd appreciate having nothing.

  2. Things are not what they are when they seem to be.......
    * walks dejectedly away afetr delivering that*

  3. I want and need to have a lot. And have no shame in declaring that.
    But coming to the point of your post. Hmph. :)

  4. @Rap: Was that a comment on my post, or the response to my comment on yours?

    @Grafx: Don't go. Least of all feeling dejected. Things will be what you make them out to be.

    @Neha: ``Hmmph!'' That is not a sufficient to qualify as a comment. :)

    And to think I was feeling mighty pleased with this post a while ago. I still am.

  5. LOL. Was influenced by the tone of previous comments! Oh well, lets see the post was entertaining, rambling, slightly funny (only slightly.. mind you!) So Hmmph usually sums that up. :)

  6. You can say whatever you feel the post is like (well... almost) as long as you say something. `Hmmph' is saying something? Maybe it is.

  7. tsk tsk first rain. u frightened grrl. i was replyin to dat.