Friday, September 25, 2009

Conjuring second chances

Let us say we want to write
Words for pure delight
Something ..ummm.. about flight?
How about a soaring, rambunctious, red kite!

Free and up we go, somewhere deep inside
With no need to hide
And no one to chide
Us, for partaking in a wild, colloquial ride.

But for now, suppose we talk
In time, without caring for the clock
Forget about what history may mock
You know, just talk.

Or tell a story?
Nothing too mushy, mucky or gory,
Maybe something seductive, full of glory,
Something buried deep within the heart's quarry.

Oh but oh! My listener, my reader so,
Answer me, please. Where did you go?
I've just been upset, dismembered, slow
Second chances? No?