Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We are back - as if anybody cares!

The time seems right.

Well... just about. Ideas have been bubbling in my head for sometime now. It is just that things one does for silent pleasure always get beaten down by other more raucous things or by things one has to do. So here we are, making a comeback - or dying in the try.

Writing is not in my blood or else I would have become a writer. To be more precise, if it were to be in my blood it would be in my venal blood, not in my arterial blood.

Yes, for I am that kind of a person - who will harp on the difference between the two.

Much water has flown under the bridge since I seriously wrote angst ridden words on this blog. Which either means the angst went away (as if!!!) or it simply went out of the scope of my vocabulary (such things are entirely possible). And now that the earth has stopped shaking, and the tsunamis have come and gone, we can jest about our miseries again.

So: Nous (yes - it is in first person, plural) sommes de retour.

More soon.

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