Sunday, October 07, 2007

Charcoal dreams

So I splurged! So sue me!

I splurged on -
  1. A 30 sheet A4 size sketchbook of 180 g/m^2 paper.
  2. A packet of willow charcoal - medium 5-6 mm.
  3. A 48 shade pack of oil pastels.
  4. A Moleskine plain notebook.

This resulted in some well-deserved euphoria and combined with the resurgent artistic personality of my schizophrenic self to produce the following:

Charcoal beauty

Pssst! I cheated a lil bit ... it's not completely charcoal. I drew it in pencil first. Since I don't have a scanner handy at home, I took a picture of it. The chic amber lighting is not Photoshop - it's my table lamp!

Okay.. so now... who wants to model for my next one?


  1. Supercool man! Didn't know your creative talent extended to art as well! Awesome job!

    Hope we get to see more such consequences of your 'splurging'...! :)

  2. very nice,
    i see the womanly form has enticed you !! i used to draw modelly figures all the time when i was little,,, thinking i was going to be a fashion designer.. lol.. now see where i am!!

  3. @mirage: Thanks :)

    @grafx: Oh, I've been enticed by the female form for a long, long time - especially because I can't quite do justice to it...