Friday, September 21, 2007

The Taunt -1

Why must you taunt me so?
Standing there, shrouded in
moonlit silence that streams
through the window.

Cool winds carry a sweaty smell
delicately twirling like cream in
morning coffee; a taste
I know so well.

I can see the hems of nubile skin
lining the robe of floating lace
alive as her master alike,
ah! my beloved's djinn.

I can feel the fingers, lying
wanton on the window sill; Oh what a waste!
Caresses that could awaken the dead
quiver in doubt, shying.

That smouldering gaze of gentle eyes
bathe me in desire so cool,
The fiery beast freezes in hell
tormented by stifled sighs.


  1. i think you need to get married . QUICKLY.

    youre starting to scare me.

    * runs away*

  2. dear rain man, it seems you wish to taunt more than the evasive hesitant subject of your poem.

    you are tauntingly obscure and revelatory, my dear and soon, surely, you shall find your match - one who can taunt you the same way you taunt others sitting on the other side of the screen.

    :) however i would suggest you enjoy the taunting while you're getting it! after all this is the best time to do so ;)

  3. i have been reading your blog for quite a long time now...but i dont why this post has compelled me to write a comment...i know you might have heard this many a time before are simply brilliant

  4. Its those little darts of taunts thrown at you that leave their mark on your heart...

    Hope the shield of love is strong enough to protect you.

    Take care

  5. @grafx: :O Come here, you! What's this nice pome gotta do with marriage :P

    @anon: Oooh ... can't wait to meet my match :D

    @desperado: Hey, Welcome to the blog. Many thanks for the praise - I'll do my best to not let it go to my head :P. Keep visiting!

    @mirage: Hugs!