Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Enchanted Strands

Quivering fingers touch
an apparition;
Of pure enchantment
and blinding black.

Rustling wind murmurs,
encouragement to
delve, into waves
of tingling delight.

Transient sheet parts
into strands;
at the hesitant behest
of restless waiting.

Chaotic velvet engulfs,
ensemble all,
in an envelope
of teasing compassion.

Intoxicated mass crumbles;
saturated with
spells, molded in caresses
of braided allure.

Exhausted heart yearns
in quiescence,
drowned in the silken quilt,
for an eternal now.


  1. Here after a long time... and m greeted with the same charming words! :)

  2. I am very intrigued by the lady in question :) or is it wholly your imagination that spins slow magic in a dark world?

  3. @mirage: Oh you flatter me! :D

    @chaos: Aren't ladies are supposed to be like slow magic in a dark world? Now *that* could be a figment of my imagination! ;)