Sunday, July 29, 2007


How much more starving will it take to kill it. Does it even need food? It must. It has to. Has to? There is no `has to.' Maybe I can choke it to death... What am I talking about! Is it so easy to fall apart? Like a proverbial pack of cards. Go up in flames and burn everything inside. I can see my self scattered all around ... in tiny shreds. Legs that don't want to walk. Eyes that don't want to see. There is no escape from this. I must drown in my own silence till every bit of life has oozed out and become one with it. Then at least I won't cry that the tears do not flow anymore. Then what will I do? Exist. That is doing enough for now.


  1. I don't know what's wrong, but sadness seems to be oozing out of every word u've put down. I hope things get better... have faith.

    *Hugs* Take care.

  2. Listen, it WILL get better. im sitting here all alone everyday all day and see my husband only 4 hours every day. i hate the loneliness.

    P.s. i REALLY hope you find someone soon.

  3. That was such a sad, melancholic post..

  4. @mirage: :) Thanks. They do get better :D It's just that I get impatient sometimes.

    @grafx: Arre! can't you sneak into his office or something :O Hugs! Yep I need to do that pronto.

    @persp: Hmmmm... Guess I wasn't doing very well right then.