Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Waiting between words

Another ten minutes before check-in starts. Whoa! Look at those platform heels! How does a girl walk in those? Hmmm... she is not as tall as the other one. Her sister maybe. The heels... an effort to catch up? Thank goodness, she does not want things like that.

And she never gives out
And she never gives in
She just changes her mind...

7 hrs wait at the airport. I hate travelling alone. Will you make it?"

Why doesn't this line move! Thank goodness, I brought the discman.

"Can I have your passport please? Are you travelling together?"

Duh! Lady - Indian passport - US Passport - to Europe - to the States - travelling together? Have a heart! Where ARE you.

"Obrigado, Senhora."

A call!! Why is she calling? Cut the call, cut the call! Again!

On international roaming. Phone balance low. Can't talk.

She sang as if she knew me,
in all my dark despair,
And then she looked right through me
as if I wasn't there...

Passport check. A smiling immigration officer for a change!

"Do I have to take off the belt too?" "No, sir. You may go."

No reply, still! Was it something urgent? No way to call her from here.


Ooooh, sho cute baby! Mama ... your boy is running away into duty free shopping. Dufry. What are they selling? The Dream Angel's collection from Victoria's Secret. Wonder how that smells! Are they holding hands? When was the last time we held hands? That long ago... I didn't get to see anything of this city. Should I buy some souvenirs?

"Last call for JJ3429 to Santiago."

"Do you want a phone card?"

Cute girl... nice tan. Nice smile too. Smile back.

"Não, obrigado."

Look at that! She just popped the pacifier in the mouth of her wailing baby and went into the smoking chamber to smoke. Figure that! The boy's stopped wailing! Obviously, I am still a far cut away from being a parent. Another hour to boarding.

Try as I may I can never explain,
what I feel when you don't say a thing...

Must not fall asleep. Will she be there, when I get back? Just one more chance... just one more. Where is the drinking water! So thirsty... When is that story due? Monday? Ummmm... yes. Let's set the ringer to full volume. Maybe before boarding... The story... hmmm... let's see that now.

Another ten minutes before check-in starts...


  1. While waiting between words, lemme tell you that I am listening to Always a Woman and here I come across them:) That made no sense whatsoever I guess. Just a random thought. Tra la la

  2. randomly came across your blog following a rather random trail and then came across this post which seemed to follow my own random thoughts.
    nice read ... the thougths that pop up between words! :)

  3. Oh, I hate traveling alone, too.
    I LOVE that song "Killing Me Softly!"
    Enjoyed the feel of this post.Your writing is truly like a splash of cool refreshing rain to me.

  4. I hate waiting for calls.. the waiting is the worst...

    Btw, love the "splashes" for comments :)

  5. I couldn't make head or tail of this post. I tried!

  6. @AB: :) Tra la la indeed.

    @Alice: Oh welcome! What did you get me from wonderland? :)

    @Gel: Hey - nice to have to back after a long time. Hope you are doing well.

    @Still: Tell me about it! Welcome to the blog. Thank you and keep visiting.

    @sine: Oh my! I have become that obscure have I. :P

  7. hi, nice to see an out and out romantic who doesn't bother to pretend not to be one!

    i hummed along to each one of those songs when i read this :)

    although music usually reminds me of images, not the other way round.

    your blog made me recall something i had said to a friend who was reading my blog for the first time: that the posts were all very "me-specific". i think that's how you write.

    oh and do read One and Bridge Across Forever if you haven't already :)