Monday, June 04, 2007

What remains

Once it was so,
Like the silver moonlight
over the supple night earth
Bright yet gentle,
With the calm assurance
of lapping waves on the sand
Eroded yet reborn,
In twirling grains
of wizened woods green with age
Proud yet humble.

Now it is so,
Like frosty moonlight
over the wet night earth
Enchanting yet ephemeral,
Inside the succulent flesh
a core of bitter memories
Distant yet distinct,
A magical quilt of light
shimmering in frigid polar skies
Alien yet natural.

Suspended within then and now,
My love weeps beside my grave.


  1. Every time I think you've disappeared, you pop up again. :)

    Keep on with the poetry. Very few are brave enough to write, I know.

  2. @sue: Good to know that you keep reading my blog :) Continue visiting :D

    @sonia: Hugs!

    @anki: Thanks :o)