Saturday, April 08, 2006


When the twinkling stars in the velvet sky put on their most mischievous smile, and when the moon, full in all its pristine white aura stood witness to the magic in the breeze, I saw you in my dream.

When racing fingers typed mystic words formed solely to appease your majestic taste, and when hesitant voices rode on waves of electric charm to resonate with my innermost desire, I heard you in my life.

When the endless ocean tossed a tiny boat on golden sands, and when houses of stone mixed with delicately spiced curries of hidden angst in an afternoon of subdued passion, I held you in my arms.

Today, when the sound, the smell, the touch is mellowed down and fading away into my memory's cage, when I see myself chopped in half, helpless at the hands of misery I caused; today, on a day of blessed union, I lose you forever.

Probhaat-aalore mor kandaaye gele
Meelonmaalar bhor cheediya phele.

Pode ja rohilo peeche, shob hoye galo meeche,
Boshe aachi door-paane noyon mele.

Aeke aeke dhooli hote kudaye mori
Je phool bidaye pothe podiche jhori
Bhabi ni robe na lesh, she diner oboshesh
Katilo phagunbela ki khela khele.


  1. Hey,some nice work with the photoshop...i really like the way your blog looks!

  2. wow...very nice...full of emotions

  3. Beautiful... Today reminding us of yesterday...

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  5. hmm nice lines...:)...wht language is the song in by the way...??
    is it ur original composition?

  6. "today, on a day of blessed union, I lose you forever."

    Perhaps, I'm reading too much into this painfully poignant piece...@hugs@ I hope they help a little...

  7. @sines: They keep coming back.

    @shikha: Hi, n thanks. Btw I used the Gimp, and not Photoshop. :o)

    @sophia: Overflowing, and it continues drowning me.

    @mirage: That's all my today has been reduced to - memories of yesterday.

    @pri: Those lines are in Bengali and are by Tagore.

    @chaos: No, I guess you are not... not in that line. Thanks.