Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Things to crib about

When you think you are down
So down that it is
quite impossible
to sink

When you think that life is slow
So slow that it
it will soon
grind to a

All one needs is one good punch
In the solar plexus
to remind that it
can always

Does cribbing with a mild dash of poetic lime taste any better? Who cares! So after I spent the day reading Calvin n Hobbes, and not really doing any work (don't get me started by asking why!), I managed to drive (read pester and whine incessantly) the five people in my room who were working to leave whatever they were doing and come for coffee. We started from our fourth floor office,

Five of us, short and tall,
With bags, bottles and all,
Walked out of the room and,
Went inside the lift to stand,
Inside the hot tin can,
M promptly switched on the fan,
I stood with my back to the door,
Thinking somebody must've pressed the right floor,
While it closed and moved down in grace,
V wrapped her scarf around her face,
T switched the fan off in vain,
Thinking that it was causing V some pain,
Just then the lift came to stop,
And everyone was about to hop,
When U noticed it was only floor two,
The button, was pressed by who?
No owned up to the deed being done,
While we again got in one by one,
Thinking it will finally take us down,
Everybody had a tiny frown,
But lo behold, the lift insane,
Brought us up to fourth again.

And so ended the adventure of the not-so-famous-five and the insane lift. Ah I might as well go back and crib some more.


  1. Ok, now imagine, one of the people farted at the start of the ride. Now imagine the entire ride again. Feels much better now? ;)

  2. you're not much of a cribber! i expected something unbearably cribby!

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  4. Yeah....stiletto has a point. Worse still, imagine what would have happened if there was a power cut after that incident and the lift had no back up power?

  5. That's it!? u call that cribbing!? U need to take lessons!! Look at me...i'm even cribbing abt u not cribbing! ;P

  6. @stilts: Eeewww! ;)

    @sonia: That's what I get for sharing my brilliant post ideas with you! Appalling! :P

    @anwesha: Of course, stiletto has a point! thinking *haa haa, gotcha!*

    @CJ: :o)

    @mirage: What, are you and sonia ganging up against me? huh huh huh? Poor me. :(

  7. Fun read, this. :)

    All I do inside lifts is read the graffiti.