Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Canine, Equine, Male

Today when I was returning home from work, I boarded the tram. I was standing behind these two very energetically gesticulating ladies who seemed to be totally lost in their conversation.

Now, eavesdropping on someone isn't exactly polite behaviour. However, they were quite loud, so I overheard them even without much trying.

White dress: Laughter. I am not joking. Seriously! This is my horse analogy. You have to show a horse all the time who is the boss.

Red dress: Subdued laughter. You are kidding me.

White dress: No, really. A horse will always challenge your authority. All the time. So you always have to show them who is the boss. A dog on the other hand...

Red dress: I know. I know. I have my dog analogy. You establish once who is the boss, in the initial phase and then he forever remembers who is the master.

White dress: Yeah, exactly! So ... Hysterical laughter. your date was the horse type!

Red dress: No! Now I have to ask every man, before dating him, are you a dog type or a horse type? Incredulous laughter.

White dress: No matter how badly your treat a dog ... he will always come back, wagging his tail for more...

Red dress: ...and will eat whatever you throw at him! More hysterical laughter.

White dress: ...pull them by... Stifled laughter. ...you know...

Red dress: Hushed giggly laughter.Small size ...pull all you want... More stifled laughter. No effect!

And then sadly, my stop arrived so I had to leave these two very amused ladies to there typifying analysis of the male species and the like.

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