Monday, November 12, 2007

The Pale Blue Dot

For everybody who had trouble understanding my previous post.

For more information please visit Pale Blue Dot (Wikipedia). And for a better resolution version, visit here.

Before some one argues that this is making the Earth seem inconsequential, in the grand scheme of things - think before you put your foot in your mouth. Think what that image shows. Think how special, how fortunate we are. Also, think how fragile and how delicate. I do not want to take sides here and put down seekers of extraterrestrial life or believers of God or anybody else. I just want to say, what I have been saying since the previous post. We have only one chance, one life to live in this place we share with millions of our kind. Whatever be your nation, religion, language or shoe-size, we are all humans. Whether we believe the Earth and humankind to be of miracle of divine creation or of evolutionary biodiversity, it does not matter. We do not have a second place, to call home.

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  1. Yes, it's also the only liveable dot we know in the vastness of space. So if we mess this one up, we have nowhere to go..

  2. @lekhni: So true... and welcome to the blog :)

  3. Finally someone I can trully relate to, you should write more often

  4. @narcoleptic: Welcome to the blog. Yes, I should ... :) Keep visiting.