Friday, November 09, 2007

Freedom Writers

Sometimes we do not see the world around us as it is. Sometimes we see only what we want to see. Sometimes we see what we have been taught to see. For generations.

I have laughed on people who have never read Tintin. I have ridiculed people who have never heard of Industrial Light and Magic. I cheated and read the last page of Diary of Anne Frank before I actually finished the novel. I cheated some more and never actually finished it.

I am watching a movie called Freedom Writers. Now almost as unspoken policy, on this blog, I never write about anything remotely social, political or something that stands up for anything. I have never championed a cause here. Why? Well, one primary reason is that I am too lazy.

But every now and then... every now and then... even the most laziest part of me will be moved to action (ummm... don't start wondering which part that is). This is one such time.

Someday, I am sure each and every one of you will face a dilemma. A situation that will ask you to overcome everything you've ever known and learn to love another human being for just being that, for just being another human being.

Yes, I am preaching. I may appear pompous and condescending, and say things I know nothing about. So if you have a problem with that, then there is something very simple you can do. No, not break your monitor. No, not kill me either. Simply stop reading this blog post. See, it's easy. Like I said.

But I am so fed up of seeing such petty idiotic discrimination happen everyday around me in the world, I can't take it any more! (The `not taking' it is going to last only for the duration of this post and after that laziness wins again!)

Black against white against yellow against brown. Fat against fit against thin. Women against men against children. Lesbians against gays against heterosexuals. Muslims against Jews against Hindus against Christians against Atheists. Creationists against scientists against artists. Teachers against students against administrators. Lawyers against politicians against valentines. Oui against yes against Da against Si. And so ad infinitum.

I am making no claims to be better than the next guy or girl. I have my own prejudices to take care of. But I am going to offer you my hand. No! Not in marriage! Heavens! What are you thinking!

I offer it to you as a sign of mutual respect and as a promise. A simple promise of tolerance.


  1. yes but in the name of tolerance let us not be passive and just let everything BE.
    and btw evolutions is stupid. go to

    man thinks he's all that and a bunch of potatoes and yet he convinces people that he came from a monkey. Darwin is dead you know.

  2. @grafx: I hardly said let everything BE. I just don't want people to fall over each other just because they don't agree on a subject. Explain - ok, argue - ok, debate - also ok. Discriminate - not ok! Kill each other - so NOT ok!

    I am not even getting into a debate here on evolution/creation. That's my point in fact - you be happy with what you believe and let me be happy believing what I do. I made a choice in what I believe. I respect your choice. You respect mine.


  3. alright baba, stop getting heated up and just read the site i gave you for interest's sake at least.
    *sniff* youre mean*...hmm maybe Europe has changed you.

  4. @grafx: Don't you know me? You have to tell me to read it? I've read it already, the moment you mentioned it


    Hugs! n Happy Diwali :)

  5. Nice to see somethin different on your page :)

    Tolerance is a long forgotten virtue. Nobody cares. And even if we do, it's just a passing thought. Some discrimination we came across today in our daily lives, somethin we saw at the theatre, or read in the papers forced us to think about wht's happening. But what do we do? Shake our head in dismay, mutter 'what a shame' and get back to our lives. It's not just a matter of being tolerant. It's about having enough willpower and enough guts to stand up and do something about it. Tell that bloody Muslim activist to shove his theories up his ass. Tell that gora to shut the f*** up when he says somethin against us Indians. Snap at the wrong doers. Make them realize. Voice your opinion and fight for it, coz, damn it, you're right!

  6. P.S. Sorry about that. Got a wee bit carried away! Sensitive issue you see.

    Oh and Happy Diwali! :)

  7. @mirage: The moment you started considering being tolerant as being weak, you lost the meaning of this post. :) Happy Diwali!