Sunday, October 08, 2006


In my eyes,
Another's eye, through and through,
As I, melt slowly without any ado,
How do I see past?

In my hands,
Sheer magic takes shape,
As I continue to gape,
How do I control this?

In my mind,
Incandescent dreams light up,
As I fall behind the gallop,
How do I keep pace?

In my touch,
Tingles of ecstasy abound,
As I, deafened with roaring sound,
How do I numb my senses?

In my heart,
An otherworldly alien peace,
As I, hooked to the enchanted tease,
How do I listen inside?

In my life,
So much talk, of now and then,
A guillotine of an unanswered when,
How do I bide my time?


  1. its beautiful! the ideas and the images ... awesome! specially the beginning.

  2. Searching fr answers in the last few posts...? Rest your frenzied mind sweets! :)

    Very well written, as always.

  3. @prerona: Thanks! :) Images.. yes. I like those too.

    @mirage: I try, hun. I try :) Answers are very shy creatures. Don't reveal themselves easily.