Thursday, January 27, 2005


There are movies and then there are movies. After two months of
working at breakneck speed to meet a deadline (which I managed to beat
two days ahead of schedule !), I decided to take the much needed
break. I headed for PVR Anupam hoping to catch the last show of ``The

I am an animation buff - no, no - that's putting it mildly - I am a
animation fanatic. But this PIXAR treat was more than what I hoped
for. This is their first film with ``human" protagonists and boy did
they pull it off. The look of the animation is not hyper-real, but a
mix of astonishing CG art with a very very appealing set of visual
effects. The characters do not mimic humans - they evolve into their
own surreal beings - a combination of comic and fairy tale like

But as I have come to realize over the years, PIXAR's true strength
lies in their stories. They always have engaging and well thought out
plots and an electric chemistry between its characters. Its the charm
these characters exude that makes them instantly likeable. While
watching the movie I almost forgot that it was a movie - I was there,
in it, fighting against Syndrome with The Incredibles ... and we saved
the world !

(And in my excitement I almost punched the four idiots sitting in the
row behind mine who went on yapping senselessly through the movie.)

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