Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Birthday Wish

I just now had a chat with my colleagues V and S. V hails from venus, while S is a fellow martian. V was saying that how she felt the current time in her life was the best she had ever had - peaceful and carefree. It would be different when she finished her studies and took up a regular job - more worries, more work ! To this S suggested that she could take up a research or consultancy kind of a job and work from home. The only problem being that the income one earned in such cases was not regular but dependent on the clients/results one got. But since her husband has a permanent job, he can act as the regular source of income.

I was sitting dreamy eyed lost in my own ruminations while barely making much sense of what they were saying. S went on to say that he would himself love to do research from home, if his wife, who works as a school teacher had no objections. V replied saying that probably it was ok for her as she was a woman, and that her husband would probably agree ....

Then S said something which jolted me out of my reverie. He said "I wish I would be born as a girl in my next life."

Their conversation then drifted on to other topics, but I have remained fixated to S's wish all this time. I do not for a moment consider that S is averse to hard work, for he regularly pulls more than twice his weight. What I have been thinking is this -

"Today is S's birthday. Do I pray for all his wishes to come true ?"

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