Thursday, October 24, 2013

Akhon Onek Raat

Words found in a limbo of languages,
Extinct dialects of the heart,
Forced cacophony of the world around,
Sounds that mean what we make them mean.

Akhon onek raat,
Tomar kaandhe amaar nishshash,
Aami benche aachi, tomar bhalobashaye.

Simple lines, spoken a million times over,
in many love stories, like ours,
Beaten to death by authors, and burnt to ash,
by poets and blurred off paper by painters.

Chuye dile haath,
Aamar briddho booke tomar maatha chepe dhore,
Dolchi kamon neshaye.

Drunk in meaning, of eons of stories,
Heavy with the weight of so many souls,
Lines, still just lines of words after all,
in an alien language.

Kano je oshonkoche ondho gaaner koli,
Pakhar blade-er taale shojashuji kotha boli.

Nonsense and sense, churned like buttermilk,
Indistinguishable anguish of the once loved,
Unfathomable logic of the still loved,
Hopeless hope of a still to be loved. 

Ami bhabte parini tumi buker bhetor phatcho
amaar shorir jure tomar premer beej.

Yet surprise they do, sometimes, all the time,
How well they say my mind,
Your mind, this effervescent syntax of ink on paper,
forced to breathe, somewhere on our common ground. 

Ami thamte parini tomar gale norom dukkho
aamaye duhaat diye munchte diyo please.

Note: The Bangla lyrics are from a fantastic song from the film Hemlock Society (listen to it here). It has been written and sung by Anupam Roy.


  1. Hello! I'm revisiting your blog after a long time...Almost a decade! This is a wonderful post, like all others...

    I'm looking for another post of yours which was written in a style akin to Dante's divine comedy...Not able to find it...Is it still on the blog?

  2. Hi. Good to have you back.

    All my old posts are still there, though I can't figure out which one are you talking about.

  3. OMG I think I just rediscovered lve reading your posts! I hope I can be as good as You some day. :)

  4. hello!
    beautiful translation, but i wanted to ask, one of my bengali friends, told me 'ekhon onek raat' meant, 'many more nights', while i dont see that anywhere in the lyrics..i'm a bit confused. :)

  5. @Anon: The English lines are not a translation at all. They are just something I wrote to go with the Bangla.. something like intertwined verses.