Tuesday, January 15, 2013


In between lines of blue and green,
Lines I let go long ago,
There is still lingering, to be seen,
Dreams of peace within.

Curves that I learnt to draw,
Of form and figure, earthen pots,
Proud to emerge, as a final straw,
Hopes of life afoot.

Trembling hands on ivory sheets,
Conquering white with shades of lead,
A kiss of senses, where an eye meets,
Loves of divine trysts.

Lessons learnt in nestled coves,
Taught freedom from structured melds,
Flow and melt inside treasured troves,
Meanings of chaos anew.

Imagination of fiery minds spark,
Teasing forgotten thoughts to murmur,
Beckon to explore my inner dark,
Selves of me alive.

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