Friday, January 01, 2010

A Bizarre Year

Let's not be poetic for once,
let's be straight and say
I had a bizarre year,
Truly marvellous though, if I may.

Last December, I was alone
Talking to my self inside a fluffy rajai
Then a long chased affirmation, a simple yes,
and Boom! It was no longer I (let aside alone).

Frenzy of shopping and people and colours and food,
Fighting, tears and expertly crafted taane,
Lounging lunches in cars parked in shady shades,
Employment and pedicures happened together, not bad, eh?

Then happened a tryst with more stress,
Sweets, grandma and OMG - wearing a saree!
Coming away and going away sandwiched
between movies and lingerie.

All this I got no chance to write, or sing aloud,
Preached, led and taught kids to draw
in colours of equations and numbers new.
And just what I thought was the last straw...

Seepage landed on my woes. Fresh. Damp. Green.
Onions and cots and curtains! Prices connive
Noodle men and Maggi fights followed by cold milk,
Monsoons that left me drenched on Marine Drive.

Long Island Ice teas and Bonjours,
Flunked firsts, botched beds, chastised charms,
Yet, this new years, I had someone with me,
though sobbing, but still loved, cuddled up in my arms.

As I said... a bizarre year. May you have one too.


  1. Happy New Year! :o)
    Hope you have a very very happy one too! :)

    I gotta say... what with all the pedicure and lingerie talk, you sound like a girl! :P

  2. @Sonia: Thanks yaar! A very Happy New Year to you too.

    About the lingerie and the pedicure and sounding like women - you can't imagine the things I have to do! :P