Sunday, April 05, 2009

Blue Moon

Blue moon, shimmer.
Shimmer to paint
a quaint
sticky, liquid slowly.

Silver ice, summon.
Summon the cold
to hold
gently, liquid free.


Is it not the best way to cry...
To cry alone.
When sleep sings her lullaby
To sing hoarse.
I am a bard in my dreams
A singer of woes
like the socks that show my toes.
Deep inside, my sorrows seduce
my living being to
ecstasies of
pain. It makes me come alive.
In my dreams, and my lore,
making fear
my destined whore.
Besiege me. With my truths.
Behead me. With my faith.
Betray me. With me.


Spliced soul, shriek.
Shriek to say
what may
never be heard

1 comment:

  1. Dropped by at ur blog aftr almost 2 yrs, good to see u still post regularly,many of the earliest bloggers hav quit the blog world.
    Keep it up..