Sunday, March 25, 2007

Barely so

of inhibiting doubts.
Ravenous spirits gush out.

Wildly spurting
from constricted eternity.
Shamelessly abandoning abandon.

Drops of delicious you
scorching my skin.
Pin-pricks of ecstasy.

Pools of sticky lust
tingling with sensuous ripples.
Parting of thirsty lips.

Drunk in a verbal frenzy
of amateurish vulgar charm.
Honey wrapped fingers.

Delightfully sucked beyond
redemption past rapture.
Agonizing wait spills over.

Crashing past raunchy
protests of innocence.
Fervent pleas please.

Oh please do
Stop teasing my hunger.

Mouthful of risqué bitten
off in greedy chunks.
Sweat laden gasps devoured.

Tired of time
and again of moaning whispers.
More, more and endless more.


  1. that imagination or,... :D

    Very sensuous, nonetheless... :)

  2. i like this sensuous side of you.. more more more!!!!

  3. quite a sensuous poem, n very sexy of u to put it in words....surely they should imply as the "first drop of rain" in the world of ectasy...

  4. @mirage: Ahem! :D Let's not go there ;)

    @grafx: The next one coming right up :o)

    @triplesix: Oh, then nothing less than a thundershower will do! ;)