Wednesday, September 22, 2004

To Grenoble and back ... home !

I was on a European sojourn for the past three weeks. And now that I am back I am thinking about what it was like, how different it seemed, and given a choice will I stay there ?

I have lived all my life in Delhi. And here I was, bang in the middle (well a little off-centre maybe) of the French Riviera in the small town of Grenoble. And it was a BIG change - all the landscape around me was different - surrounded by 3 alpine ranges Grenoble is the atypical town one would draw in a painting. Teeming with buildings reminiscent of a bygone era, beautiful squares with abundant fountains, slow moving (but modern nonetheless) trams, life in the town seemed to have slowed down for an easy stroll by the river Isere, which adds that dash of refreshing blue to the pristine green of the surrounding mountains. Grenoble, as much of Europe, has a rich history - told by the Bastille fortifications, the Revolution memorial and it also has the famous Chartreuse wine. Grenoble is also a university town with a big chunk of its population comprising of students. When I reached the place it was completely deserted as the university was closed for holidays, but as the holidays got over one could see the buzz returning to the beehive. I stayed there for two weeks.

I could go on and on writing about my exploits there but the that's not the point I want to make.

What I want to say is this:

Anyone would fall in love with such a place. I did too - and then I snapped out - I started longing for the sounds and smells and tastes of ... well ... home. I got restless, and the alps and the rivers, and the wine (I must be mad !!) and the beautiful french maidens (I must be really mad !!) did not matter then, I wanted to go back home.

And now here I am back in front of my computer, in my usual seat in the lab, and it feels good - and it feels at home ....

And now I wonder, given a choice would I stay in Grenoble (I mean forever) - or would I forever be homesick !!

BTW - Does this happen to everybody or do I have a special mutation of the homesickness gene?? Any random thoughts on this anyone .... ??

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  1. The heat, the cold, the dustmites....
    I'd still choose home.
    Welcome back!